Welcome at 'De Spellenstudio'

With almost 20 years of expercience in all aspects of the boardgame industry, “De Spellenstudio” offers a complete package of ideas, development, artwork, publishing and playing games. 

Games for companies

Tailormade games will impress your relations. It is a beautiful and lasting gift which can be played for years to come. Games are both a suitable and original present for the holidays and finally, they are a great tool to explain your ideas, products or procedures to your customers and even an excellent onboarding-tool for new employees.


“De Spellenstudio” supports companies in the boardgame industry with design, translations, editing and production.

Game creators and illustrators

Are you a game-inventor or an illustrator and are you struggling to find a foothold in the gaming industry? “De Spellenstudio” can help you. We help to improve your game, find the right connections for you artwork and can represent your interests with worldwide publishers of board- and card games.